Success Stories

Bernardo Williams

“They were awesome! They made a fair cash offer on my house and the sale was completed in just over a week! So happy I found them!”



Bessie Parsons

“My property was a complete money pit and I wanted it sold as fast as possible. With this company, I didn’t have to list it, hire an agent, or pay any closing costs.”




Ella Morissette

“This company was a life saver! I inherited a house I had no use for and just wanted to sell it as fast as possible. I contacted COMPANY and the process was as simple as they advertise.”




What Real Estate Appraisers Look For

What Real Estate Appraisers Look For

Getting an appraisal on your home before you sell is good for your sake and the buyer’s sake. An accurate appraisal will make sure that you don’t over or undervalue your home and will make the buyer feel more comfortable with the asking price. However, you might not...